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In 2012 I graduated with my bachelors in Social Work and in Women Studies. I also received a minor in deaf studies. After graduating with my degrees I was hired at a local domestic violence safe house where I worked as a Case Manager and a Family Skills Specialist to survivors and their children. Currently, I am a full-time graduate student pursing my Masters degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Child Welfare Services and will be graduating the two year program in 2016. I completed my first year internship in a county adoptions agency. I am also working part time at a local hospital where I serve as a Case Management Liaison. On a personal level, I am social, compassionate, caring, kind, hard working and always seeking to gain knowledge. I love learning; I find it to be one my most curious passions that I plan to pursue the rest of my life. In the future I hope to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and earn my PHD in social work in order to help empower those without a voice and become their own advocates.

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