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Kaitlin Marks-Dubbs is a doctoral student of the Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She is currently researching social network marketing trends and compositional sponsorship, rhetorics of virulence framing composition as vector in digital composition and medical discourse, and the semiotics of reclamation in social movements such as SlutWalk efforts to re-script rape and victim-blaming.

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Before completing her MA in 2010, Kaitlin worked in the National College Advising Corps, advising rural high school students about applying for post-secondary education and financial aid. During her coursework at the U of I, Kaitlin has taught in the Academic Writing Program within the First-Year Writing Program and worked as a Peer Mentor for incoming writing instructors. She is currently working to plan the university's first First-Year Writing conference and preparing to teaching Writing Across Media, Informatics 303, in the Spring Semester.

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