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I am a PhD student at George Mason University, working on the application of digital technologies to the study of religion in the 19th century.

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Oh the places I've seen (or what happens when you're interested in everything). I have my bachelors degree in Philosophy and English from Calvin College and a master of arts in religion degree (concentrated in History of Christianity) from Yale Divinity School. Everything is coming together now with a phd in American History. I am studying religion in the 19th century, focusing on the religious lives of women as a window for understanding the shifts in religious and social imaginary that drive religious innovation. And I want to do this digitally. My current theory is that text mining and deep mapping will be my primary tools in this endeavor.

I am also a GRA at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. I am currently working on the PressForward project, which is working on questions of scholarly publishing and working to create alternative models to the traditional journal. I am part of the hard working team behind and if you are ever interested in helping us select content for publication, let me know!

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