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John Wyatt Greenlee holds a bachelors degree in History and Classical Studies from Hamilton College, a Masters of Public Administration from Park University, a Masters of History from East Tennessee State University, and a Masters in Medieval Studies from Cornell University. He coached collegiate volleyball for ten years, and worked as a researcher for the Conflict Securities Advisory Group (CSAG). John Wyatt is currently a PhD candidate for Medieval Studies at Cornell University, with a focus on cartographic and spatial history.

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1331 Vesconte Mappamundi

Terra Digita: Digital Humanities Approaches to Medieval Mapping

November 4 2017 to November 5 2017
Call for Papers
The changing landscape of digital mapping technology continues to open up new frontiers for exploring, manipulating, and presenting medieval maps. From using multi-spectral imaging to resurrect faded charts to building interactive tools to advance mappamundi literacy in the classroom, medievalists...
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Ithaca, NY 14853
United States
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