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In May 2017, I completed my PhD in Italian Studies at Harvard University where I was also a principal at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society’s research lab in Digital Humanities, metaLAB, and the project coordinator for curarium.com. My interest in digital curation and collecting goes hand-in-hand with an interest in libraries and their organization, and while attending Harvard, I was the head librarian at Harvard's Dudley Library since 2012. I was previously a writer and teacher in Rome, Italy (2006-2010), and a graduate student researcher at Michigan State University in the Physical Chemistry Department (2010-2011). My research interests include modern mythology, Italian and US counterculture, the cantautore and singer-songwriter, the Far West in cultural imaginations, science and fractalized reality in modern and postmodern US, English, Italian and Argentinian literature, the chess set in literature, representations of the infinite, data-curation, and the importance of medium in research, teaching and publishing in the Humanities. I am currently a fellow with the University of Michigan’s Society of Fellows Tsinghua-Michigan program.

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