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Doctoral candidate in Interdisciplinary Humanities with a formal background in Visual Arts Theory and Practice, Art History, and English Language and Literature. Doctoral fellow of Editing Modernism in Canada. Curator. Research Associate, Brock university Centre for Digital Humanities; Contributing Editor, Digital Scholarship Ontario.

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PhD Interdisciplinary Humanities, Brock University, 2018 (expected)

MA Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts, Brock University, 2013

BFA Visual Arts, English Concentration, University of Ottawa, 2007

I am a curator, visual artist, writer, and SSHRC-supported doctoral candidate in Brock University's Interdisciplinary Humanities program with a specialization in the field of Culture and Aesthetics, and a doctoral fellow of Editing Modernism in Canada. My formal background is in Visual Art Theory and Practice, Art History, English Language and Literature, and Comparative Literature. I have also completed coursework in Digital Humanities, Philosophy, and Political Theory and Thought. I am a research associate with the Centre for Digital Humanities at Brock and am the Contributing Editor for Digital Scholarship Ontario: http://digitalscholarshipontario.org/about/

Rematerializing the Immaterial: An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Study of Vancouver’s Conceptualist Movements in Visual Arts and Literature 1984-2014

My scholarly research focuses on intersections between conceptualist movements in visual arts and literature, examining how semantic form and content between these mediums share a common critical aim. My study implicates, chiefly, the close reading and investigation of primary texts (works of visual arts and writing, as well as key events) that engender or pertain to conceptualist and/or avant-garde activity in visual arts and writing communities and networks in and relating to Vancouver.

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