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A pioneer on the Internet and in electronic literature, Judy Malloy followed a vision of hypertextual narrative that she began in the 1970's with experimental artist books, and in the 1980's, she wrote and programmed the seminal hyperfiction Uncle Roger, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In the ensuing years, she created a series
of innovative hypernarratives -- including its name was Penelope, l0ve0ne, and Forward Anywhere. (with Cathy Marshall) --- that have been exhibited and published internationally. As an arts writer, she has worked most notably as Editor of The New York Foundation for the Arts' NYFA Current, (formerly Arts Wire Current) an Internet-based National journal on the arts and culture. She is currently the Editor of Authoring Software -- http://www.narrabase.net -- a resource for teachers and students of new media writing.

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