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I am a doctoral candidate in the English department at the University of Texas at Austin. I am currently completing my dissertation, Tradition and the Individual Talents: Dylan, Eliot, and DeLillo which examines the ways in which all three figures rose to the apex of their respective fields through distinctive processes of remediation, ultimately producing a radical refashioning of the field of cultural production itself.
I served as Assistant Editor for the 2008 issue of the electronic journal, Currents in Electronic Literacy. This issue featured my personal interview with Lawrence Lessig along with specially commissioned articles from other luminaries in the field including Alan Liu, Johndan Johnson-Eilola, and Stuart Selber. I have worked in UT’s Digital Writing and Research Lab (DWRL) for the past five years and I was appointed as an Assistant Director of the DWRL in the fall of 2008. During my tenure here I have developed, contributed to, and managed numerous Lab projects and project groups —work poised at the forefront of new emergent digital literacies and networked, collaborative knowledge production.
I have taught a variety of English and Rhetoric courses, most recently RHE 309S Seeing, Hearing, Writing, and RHE 312, Writing in Digital Environments. As with my research interests and professional work, in my teaching continually strive for a pedagogy which mirrors HASTAC’s central mission to take seriously “the momentous opportunities and challenges for learning posed by our digital era.”

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