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I am an undergraduate in Anthropology and Religious Studies at Michigan State University. I have served on the eboard for the MSU Anthropology Club for three years and have been involved in the MSU Bioarchaeology Lab under Dr. Gabriel Wrobel. I am working on three research projects this year: continuing the Religious Soundmap Project as a student researcher in the Department of Religious Studies under Dr. Amy DeRogatis, a comparative Mississippian ritual landscape analysis under Dr. Lynne Goldstein in the Department of Anthropology, and a comparative study of 3D model generation techniques for digital osteometry under Dr. Gabriel Wrobel in the Department of Anthropology. I am also an intern with the MSU Campus Archaeology Program doing GIS updating and analysis as well as summer fieldwork. My research interests include Bioarchaeology, Ancient Maya, Bioarchaeology of Ritual, Ritual and Power, GIS, Ritual Mapping, Mortuary Archaeology, Maya Epigraphy, and 3D Applications in Archaeology.

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