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I consider myself a world citizen 2.0. I am also a multidisciplinary generalist with many intellectual interests to keep myself tied to only one profession. At any particular moment, I am always wearing many hats but I do manage to keep focused on whatever tasks I happen to be working on. My original educational background is in Theoretical Physics (Central University of Venezuela, 1981). I did graduate studies in Geosciences at UC, Berkeley, and have an MBA, from the University of Southern California, 2000, Los Angeles, California. I also had a 3-years-life experience (1992-1995): living, exploring, working, and studying Chinese language and culture at Beijing Language and Cultural University in Beijing, China.

Professionally, I have worked as a field geophysicist and a manager for several Oil & Gas companies and have also held business managing positions within the IT industry. I consult on digital strategies and large groups intervention methodologies. I have taught the workshop seminar: Caminos 2.0: Tecnologías digitales para la defensa de la democracia (Roads 2.0: Usage of digital technologies for the defense of democracy). I am also the curator of Social Media, Social Might on the Scoopit platform. I volunteer for several nonprofit projects such as FUNDVEC. I am also the curator and producer of a TEDx event: TEDxTierraDeGracia.

In early March 2012, I was selected by NASA to be among the group that welcomed space shuttle Discovery into the national collection of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, in Chantilly, Virginia (April 17-19, 2012). This was a good opportunity to launch a new initiative, Scientia Ñ. This project, being nurse by Power2Voice, has as its main objective to communicate space science and technologies for Hispanic youth to foster in them an interest in learning about sciences, to teach them how to create their own personal futures and, also, to present the impact that sciences and technologies development will have on humanity.

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