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I am a PhD candidate at the Research School of Humanities and the Arts, the Australian National University, Canberra.

My doctoral research is an analysis of the contemporary revival of interest in and re-identification with the Irish language. In examining the language in its cultural and historical context and relating that to the contemporary enthusiasm for the language and the manner in which it is deployed (in Ireland and also in diasporic and new media sites) I seek to explore interesting questions and debates relating to the invocation of identity, concepts of heritage, the market, and postcoloniality.

I am particularly interested in new media sites such as facebook and YouTube for the ability they give interlocutors of minority languages such as Irish to transcend their geographical limits. As Irish is a language indentified with by some members of a substantial diaspora this raises questions regarding deterritorialised identities and ethnoscapes. I am thus interested in analysing the discourse that takes places in these various sites.

Previously, I completed a bachelor of arts in applied languages and a master of arts in comparative literature and cultural studies at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

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