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I am an aspiring digital literature developer/designer/author. I, in my various pursuits, blur the annoying line between the concept of literature and video game. Though not necessarily convergent now, I see that they do need to in a constructive and material manor in reflection of the fact that the now rising generations are avid gamers, more so than the generations that preceded them. I am an advocate of promoting and supporting any kind of literacy rather than ignoring those that are not accepted because it is “just” a game, blog, movie, or a television show.

I spend my time consuming and thinking about how it is we perceive and read, mainly digital/electronic forms of entertainment. In that my focus is primarily on Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing games. The MMORPG has a potential of branching out into coauthored composition/storied spaces where in the line between developer and “reader” can become less defined. Right now, this exhilarating potential is almost exclusively in the hands of individuals that are more focused on ludeme than narreme. My intent is to open a door that will allow game developers and formal narrators to coexist and play together in promotion of narrative communities in game like virtual environments.

I also have a passion for breaking down walls of imposed ignorance and lack of knowledge resulting from socioeconomic incongruence. I want to see the elimination of digital divide across the globe in my lifetime that results in participatory action by any person on the surface of this planet in their local, regional, national and global citizenship.

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