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Jonathan Finkelstein is the founder and Executive Producer of LearningTimes and Director of the BadgeStack Project. He is well-regarded as a pioneer and innovator in developing and leading online events and gatherings. Finkelstein is also the author of "Learning in Real Time" (Wiley), which translates over fifteen years of experience facilitating online learning into a practical resource guide, and a contributor to "The Digital Museum: A Think Guide", published by the American Association of Museums. Finkelstein has worked with hundreds of organizations – such as the Smithsonian, New York City Department of Education, and NASA – to produce engaging online learning activities, multi-player online games and programs.

He is the moderator and producer of thousands of live webcasts, online conferences and virtual world events for education, library, training, and museum professionals. Finkelstein serves on several boards, including the Media and Technology Committee of the American Association of Museums, and is a well-known online voice facilitating online learning conversations in numerous interactive formats. Finkelstein is the son of two New York City public school teachers, is a Certified Synchronous Training Professional, and graduated with honors from Harvard University.

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