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John is a graduate student in Media Studies at The New School and an independent producer. Recent work includes:, which showcases multimedia content from both sides of the US-Mexico border and won the people's prize at the Every Human Has Rights Media Awards in Paris in 2008.

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I am a third-year Media Studies graduate student at the New School interested in the intersection of new media literacy, activism, pedagogy, critical theory and 21st century conflict prevention. Currently, I am working on a multimedia website that showcases NYC's troubled relationship with trash. I am also writing and producing my Master's dissertation, which critically applies assemblage theory to new mediascapes such as YouTube and other emerging DIY social media phenomenon that can be understood to be deterritorializing more traditional sources of media power. What interests me most is the possibility of cultivating human relationships that exploit digital technologies in the service of new ways of knowing, interacting and ultimately sharing resources, particularly under the threat of neoliberal domination, environmental catastrophe and pending 21st century global conflict scenarios. Prior to arriving at The New School, I worked as a print journalist, and later, as an independent filmmaker and multimedia producer- a transition very much a function of the ongoing deterritorialization/reterritorialization of the journalism industry. In 2007, I received a private grant to produce and co-direct a multimedia website about the US-Mexico border (, which won the people's prize at the Every Human Has Rights Media Awards in Paris of 2008 and was also nominated for the 2008 Online News Association's Best in Video Journalism category. I completed my undergraduate studies at Duke University in 2000.

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