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I am the editor and program manager at the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University ( I have a MA in Gender Studies and a BA in Film and Media Studies, both from ASU.

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A pink, yellow, and orange sunrise over a blue digitized mountain.

Designing the Future with Applied Sci-Fi

September 29 2022
The tools of sci-fi narrative are increasingly being used in the field of design to better imagine, experience, and shape possible futures. Whether these emerging design practices are categorized as “design fiction,” “sci-fi prototyping,” “useful fiction,” “experiential futures,” or “world-building...

CFP: Anticipation Conference 2022

November 16 2022 to November 19 2022
Call for Papers
Arizona State University is hosting the 4th International Conference on Anticipation from November 16-18, 2022 in Tempe, AZ. The conference provides an interdisciplinary meeting ground for researchers, scholars, and practitioners who engage with anticipation and anticipatory practices to come...
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A head wearing a virtual reality headset, with an elongated neck. To its left, imagery and icons associated with gaming, and to its right, imagery and icons associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemics and Games Essay Jam

January 4 2021 to January 10 2021
Call for Papers
The global cataclysm of COVID-19 has brought enormous changes to the games industry, the ways we play video games alone and together, and the meaning and content of games old and new. In the Pandemics and Games Essay Jam , presented by Critical Distance and the Center for Science and the...
ASU-Leonardo Imagination Fellowship

ASU-Leonardo Imagination Fellowship

August 21 2020 to September 6 2020
Jobs and Fellowships
ASU-Leonardo and the Center for Science and the Imagination (CSI) are proud to announce the Leonardo Imagination Fellowship Program in fall 2020. Fellows selected to participate in this prototype season of the fellowship will join a virtual program to explore experimental ArtScience innovation...
Us in Flux logo, with white sans serif font against a background gradient transitioning from maroon to gold

Special Issue CFP: Us in Flux: Community, Collaboration, and the Collective Imaginations of SF

August 7 2020 to October 4 2020
Call for Papers
Arizona State University's Center for Science and the Imagination is partnering with the Science Fiction Research Association to create a special issue of the open-access journal SFRA Review , featuring short thinkpiece essays that build on the speculative stories and virtual events published by...
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