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I am a graduate student in the Department of Media Studies and instructor in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at University of Colorado at Boulder. I write about media archaeology, particularly the history and use of image scanners as well as associated technology, media history, digital humanities and media theory. I am currently working on my dissertation about scanning practices and their connection to digital humanities subcultures, specifically the commodification of subcultures by institutions. Further I research digital paratextuality through studies on PDFs, JPGs and other image formats that are circulated within institutions and institutional discourses. I currently investigate these intersections at the Media Archaeology Lab and work as a research assistant at the Center for Media, Religion and Culture. I've published in journals such as Digital Humanities Quarterly and obtained my MA from Concordia University in English Literature and Writing.

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Current DH contributions: recently presented at HASTAC 2015, live stream recording avaliable on the HASTAC youtube. Attended DHSI 2015 and produced a study on the similarities/connections between cuneiform tablets and modern tablets and phones. A paper is forthcoming. Participating in a digital humanities class at the University of Colorado Boulder.


University of Colorado, Boulder. Ph.D., College of Communiction, Media and Information (Media Studies). Current.

Concordia University. MA. (English Literature and Creative Writing). May 2014

Université de Montréal. (English Literature). 2013

Simon Fraser University. (Certificate in Creative Writing). December 2011

University of British Columbia. Bsc. & BA. (Physics and English Literature). May 2010

University of Toronto. (Physics and English Literature). 2008-2009


Instructor. Program for Writing and Rhetoric. University of Colorado Boulder. Aug. 2014- present

Reseach Fellow. Center for Media, Religion and Culture. University of Colorado Boulder. Jan 2015- present

Research Assistant. Dept of English. Concordia University. Jan 2013-May 2013

Teaching Assistant. Dept. of English. Concordia University. Sept. 2012-Dec 2013

Research Assistant. Dept. of Physics. University of Toronto. Oct. 2008-May 2009


digital humanities, media archaeology, media studies, archival practices, digital ethnography, multimodality, critical theory, digital composition, history of scanning, document security, data storage, institutional practices, media theory, online networks, new media



A dissertation on the cultural, social, political and material implications and affects of image scanners as media. This includes creating a space in the Media Archaeology Lab to work with scanners and investigate/present on the insides of the machine. Also this project includes looking at the subversive function of scanners through resistant art pieces that use scanners.

Sub-Cultures in Academia

A qualitative study on Digital Humanities as a subcultural formation in academia. This involves interviews with junior scholars about the difficulties of digital humanities type projects and tenure track hire, and looking at funding trends.



 Kirtz, Jaime Lee. “Computers, Comics and Cult Status: A Forensics of Digital Graphic Novels.” Digital Humanities Quarterly 8.3 (2014). Web.


“Juliana Spahr: How Poems Work” LemonHound. September 20, 2013. Montreal, QC

“Repeater Review” Matrix. December 2013. Montreal, QC


“Seattle Poems” Ditch Poetry Magazine (2013) Web.

“Seroquel Soliliquy” Poetry is Dead 9 (2013) Print.

“Home Reno and other poems” Contemporary Horizons Magazine (2013) Print.

“There was a Storm” Headlight Anthology (2013) Print.

“I always were glitter eyeliner”; “Cityscape” Steel Bananas Vol. 29. (2012) Print.

“Cityscape” Enpipe Line Project. (2011) Print.


(Forthcoming) “Scanning as Global Media” Modern Language Association Annual Conference 2016. Austin, Texas.

“To Download or Not to Download? An Examination of Academic Publishing and Knowledge Dissemination in an Internet Era” HASTAC 2015. Michigan State University, East Lansing.

“Digital Paratextuality as Subversion: How New Technology Alters Traditional Processes of Textual Production and Reading.” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference 2015, Panel: Re-thinking Text as “Process” in the Humanities, digital and non-digital. University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

“Libraries as spaces of knowledge input” A2RU Conference 2015. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA.

 “Anonymity and Authorship in Modern Graphic Novels.” Endnote Graduate Conference 2013, UBC. Vancouver BC.

 “Computers, Comics and Cult Status.” At the Mercy of the Masses: Popular Culture and Academia Graduate Conference 2013, University of Maryland. College Park MD.

 Co-authored with A. Mardon. “Collaborative (de)reconstruction” Simon Fraser University Graduate Conference 2012, Collaborative Practices Panel. Vancouver BC.

 “Scientific Temporality in Lacanian Theory and Olson’s The Maximus Poems” SFU Graduate

Literature Conference 2011, Non-Linear Temporalities Panel. Vancouver, BC


MLA 2015 Off-Off Site Reading (January 2015)

Poetry is Dead Issue #7 Launch (May 2013)

SFU Graduate Conference Creative Night (June 2012)

Emerge Anthology Launch (October 2011)

Vancouver 125 Poetry Conference (October 2011)

KSW W2 Launch (February 2011)


Center for Media, Religion and Culture 2015 -Media Ambivalence Project, Research Fellow

Attending weekly meetings and contributing to discussions about the media ambivalence project. Conducting analysis on transcripts of interviews about media usage.

Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2015

Pre-Book Digital Workshop Participant and Scholarship Winner

Poetry Editor 2013-2014- Lemon Hound Literary Journal

Selecting and editing poetry submissions electronically. Composing essays on writing for online publication.

Lacan Salon 2010-2012- Simon Fraser University

Meeting with academics to discuss and translate the work of Jacques Lacan. Composed presentations, seminars and papers on the surveys.

Academic 2010 -City of Vancouver, Office of the Poet Laureate

Appointed by the poet laureate, Brad Cran, for the Vancouver 125 Poetry Conference.

Conducted research through interviews, observations and pre-reading  text with contemporary poets. Assimilated research and interviews for the digital City Archives.

Federal Intern 2010- House of Commons, Government of Canada

Conducted research on ecological literature and policies. Helped write the proposed bill on ecological preservation of BC coastlines from oil tankers.

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