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I am a second-year Graduate student of Ancient History, Archaeology, and Classics at North Carolina State University, interested in all aspects of the ancient world (including ancient trade, medicine, settlement patterns, among many other topics). I study under Roman historian and archaeologist Thomas Parker (NCSU) as well as Aegean archaeologist Donald Haggis (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). As a HASTAC scholar and editor of a collaborative blog about ancient history called Antiquorum et Praesentis (, I am interested in bringing the ancient world to the modern public in order to make topics like Ancient History and Archaeology accessible to every-day people.

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I am a graduate student in the Ancient History program at North Carolina State University. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature, Middle East Studies, and Anthropology in 2011. After a year of post-bac work at NCSU, I entered into graduate program in Ancient History, with the goal of studying ancient languages and scripts.

I am particularly interested in Greek Prehistory and Bronze Age Aegean scripts (Linear A, Linear B, and Cretan Hieroglyphics). In the future, I would like to learn to read Ancient Hittite cuneiform and Egyptian Hieroglyphic and Hieratic scripts in order to study contact and exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze Age.

As a HASTAC scholar and editor of a collaborative blog about Ancient History called "Antiquorum et Praesentis," I work to incorporate the use and development of digital tools in scholarship and to increase accessibility of scholarship to the public.

Outside of the classroom, I volunteer as a research assistant in Thomas Parker’s Archaeology Laboratory at North Carolina State University, working mostly in the reconstruction of ceramics recovered at Roman frontier sites in Jordan. I also campaign for animal rights, wildlife conservation and for the regulation of trade in exotic animals.

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