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I am an Assosciate Professor in Hispanic Studies, specializing in Latin American studies and in social and political theory.

My book Posthegemony is a critique of cultural studies and civil society theory. It proposes a new theory that brings together Gilles Deleuze's conception of affect, Pierre Bourdieu's notion of habitus, and Toni Negri's multitude. Case studies are taken from Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Chile, and Venezuela.

Now I am working on a number of long projects.

One, which I call "Projections," looks at the ways in which Latin America is treated in Hollywood and European film.

Another traces the Latin American multitude through Atlantic piracy and New World indigenous rebellions to the nineteenth-century wars of Spanish-American independence.

And a third examines "American Ruins" from Chile to Canada, and from the Incas to Henry Ford.


Twentieth-century Latin American cultural, literary, and political history
Latin American left and social movements (e.g. Peronism, Sendero Luminoso, the FMLN; chavismo) and their relation to violence and the state
The theory and practice of Latin American cultural studies
Globalization and global latinidad
Continental philosophy, especially Deleuze and Guattari and Bourdieu
Italian social theory, such as Antonio Negri and autonomia
Cultural studies and Marxist theory

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