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I am a learning design consultant and Washington State University's Office of Assessment and Innovation (formerly known as CTLT). I have been working with the university's ePortfolio initiative since its inception and have been involved most directly the university's two eportfolio contests: 2007 and 2008 and the rubrics to assess those portfolios. We also created an ePortfolio of ePortfolios to capture some of our thinking.

Currently I am involved in work with the Harvesting Gradebook project and figuring out how to roll that model up into program-level assessment:

The Harvesting Gradebook: From Student Feedback to University Accreditation presentation (archived for TLT group).

Prezi used for the above presentation:

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My background is in fine arts and I worked for years as a freelance graphic designer in Providence, Rhode Island. In 2001 I returned to school to studyvisual perception at the University of Idaho, receiving my MS in Experimental Psychology with a focus on how the brain perceives motion. I have an interest in creating data visualization tools to communicate multidimensional learning growth across time.

I also like to play and some of my time is spent gluing garbage together to make creatures called Eclectons, which I then photograph and post online.

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