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January Petersen
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Emily January Petersen is a Ph.D. candidate and research fellow in the Department of English at Utah State University in the Theory and Practice of Professional Communication program. She has experience teaching composition, technical writing, and women and gender studies courses. Her research focuses on professional identities from a feminist perspective, examining how women act as professional communicators through social media and historically, in public spheres and in the workplace of the home. Emily is a qualitative researcher who uses methods of content analysis, interview, and archival research. Her research has been published in Intercom, the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, and in the conference proceedings of the Special Interest Group on Design of Communication. She has also presented her research in Vienna, Austria, at the European Social Science History Conference and in Toronto, Canada, at a conference for the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement. Before academia, she worked as an editor for a worldwide non-profit corporation’s security department.

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