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Jaderick is an amateur backyard farmer, gardener, carpenter, auto-mechanic, dog trainer, and child developmental psychologist (only to his two sons). He teaches computer science, conducts research in social computing, and develops automated systems with no immediate practical applicability.

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Jaderick is a professor of computer science in the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), a graduate research constituent university of the University of the Philippines System, where he teaches advanced computer science and information technology topics and advices undergraduate and graduate research students.

He received his Master of Science degrees in Computer Science (UPLB) in 1999 and in Agricultural Engineering (University of Georgia) in 1996. He earned 40 hours of Ph.D. (Computer Science) course work from the Mississippi State University and is hoping to finish Ph.D. (Computer Science) by research from UPLB in 2015.

His research interests are in Computational Intelligence, High-Performance Computing, Social Computing, Network Science, and some Advanced Computer Models like Quantum Computing and P-Systems. He has written more than 100 research papers in various archival publications and was selected as one of the 2008 Ten Outstanding Young Scientists of the Philippines.

He lives with his wife Necie (BS Biology - UPLB) and sons Nathan (9 years old) and Jakob (3 years old) in the foot of Mt. Makiling in the town of Los Baños, province of Laguna. He raises edible gardens in his backyard, and once shared (and looking forward to share again) his home with rottweilers and golden retrievers. He and his household live to honor God.

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