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Jade E.
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Currently the Associate Director for Digital Learning Projects at LaGuardia Community College. Form Program Coordinator at HASTAC. PhD in Comm Studies at UNC Chapel Hill focusing in Media & Technology.

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IAMA an Associate Director of Digital Learning Projects at LaGuardia Community College. I do applied theory and media ecology. IHAVEA PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Communication Studies (Media, Technology, and Culture). IHAVEA MA in French Studies [History & Sociology Focus] fromNYU 2006, BA UH-MANOA. IAMA member of the HASTAC Steering Committee and the FemTechNet Advisory Board. IAMA Former Intern with the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research New England.

My questions center around:

1.spaces that make digital information into new knowledge and culture

2. changes digital things enable in culture and society

3. ownership, ethics, and morality in data and surveillance

When I do Cultural Studies: Fanon, Barthes, McLuhan, and Zora Neale Hurston are my spirit theorists, but I like exploring.

Production/creativity make me happy because I like to make things.

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