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Jean is an early American Historian, database designer, and photographer.

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Jean Bauer is an advanced doctoral candidate in the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia, studying with Peter S. Onuf and J.C.A. Stagg, finishing her dissertation on the origins and early development of the U.S. Foreign Service.

Jean has an AB from the University of Chicago (Honors in History and The College) and an MA in History from the University of Virginia.

Jean is the lead developer of Project Quincy, an open source Ruby on Rails application with a MySQL database that uses information about people, places, and organizations to trace how social networks and institutions develop over time and through space. The flagship application for Project Quincy is The Early American Foreign Service Database, which allows her to trace Early American diplomats, consuls, special agents, and their clerks all over the globe.

In Spring 2010, she designed and taught the seminar “From Vellum to Very Large Databases: Historical Sources Past, Present, and Future.”

Jean has also transcribed, translated, and decoded letters for The Papers of James Madison, designed a database for The Dolley Madison Digital Edition, served as Design Researcher for Documents Compass, a digital consulting organization for documentary editors, and worked as a consultant on Archival Management Software for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

Jean is a former Presidential Fellow in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, a former Digital Humanities Fellow in the University of Virginia Library's Digital Scholars' Lab, a former NINES Graduate Fellow, and currently a Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Fellow. She will complete her degree by May of 2011.

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