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Mariana has a degree in Social Communication from Universidade Catolica de Santos, Brazil. She is the Dissemination Director for Iridescent, a science education non profit that supports scientists and engineers to communicate their passion to underserved children and their family using hands on experiments. She brings to Iridescent a 6 years experience in Marketing and Communication for the consumer goods industry in the global company Unilever. She decided to gave her career a different path when she moved from São Paulo to Los Angeles to study Global Sustainability, at UCLA, with the objective to orientate her skills to a more meaningful objective. She found at Iridescent the perfect opportunity to spread the message that knowledge is powerful for million students around the world and support them in finding a different life perspective.

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Physics Experiment Creator

We are looking for a person who can create experiments to go along with our science videos Examples of videos: jellyfish engineering: material science: high speed boats:
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