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I am a graduate student at Tyler School of Art studying glass and ceramics. Some of my research has involved learning new ways of applying digital fabrication and exploring materials and forms.

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 Having grown up in Toledo, Ohio, home to the contemporary glass movement as well as industrial glass, linking industy with research done as an artist is a cornerstone of my practice. Observation is a corstone of the way in which I learn and as an artist I often attempt to diseminate information through my artistic practice. In 2006 I was admitted to the Rochester Institute of Technology's School for American Craftsmen, studying under Michael Rogers and Robin Cass I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in 2010. A traditional crafts school I learned the pedagogy traditional craft culture and ways of teaching that directly involve the hand. My background with technology has come from a desire to understand how industrial processes for making can more involve more traditional ones. How modes of production that do not require the human hand might better serve a community by considering a more traditional approach. I am currently studying 3d printing technology and how to hack that device. The process of hacking the machine is both from the mechanical side and in looking through code work.  


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