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In a nutshell, I want to continue to investigate present and future directions of international media and independent media after “convergent” technologies, and in global contexts. It is hard to ignore the multifaceted agitations of recent relations amongst media technology, polity and economics. Whether this is acknowledged through mentions of “platform integration,” “mobile devices,” “social media,” “post-web ‘apps’,” or any number of similar terms, existing relationships among old and new formats, content, producers, distributors, for-profit and non-profit entities, regulatory bodies, and consumer-users are being massively reformulated—to much public interest. Although I began my graduate studies intending to focus squarely on the international economics of linked new media technologies, during my PhD coursework I am now attempting to rigorously integrate other practices (related to other disciplines) that I have come to understand are equally important for a comprehensive understanding of this field. Together with my coursework for my MA, this has been an effect of my work so far on my master’s thesis, which uses Netflix as a point of entry into a series of related questions, particularly about emerging economies of media distribution.

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