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Software developer in the Emerging Media and Communication program at UT Dallas interested in digital pedagogy, open source software, and technology design that allow users to have more control over their data. Helped create EnemyGraph and GitSyllabus, currently working on Marca.

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I am a research assistant and MA student studying Emerging Media and Communication at The University of Texas at Dallas. I focus on the intersections between software development and the humanities, specifically with applications to pedagogy, text analysis, and the arts. I have been involved in several creative coding projects, most notably EnemyGraph, a Facebook application for creating enemies instead of friends that received international media attention. I also helped create GitSyllabus, a tool for publishing syllabi posted on Wordpress sites to GitHub.

I am currently working with the Callilope Initiative on Marca, a writing portfolio and peer review web application for institutions, teachers, and writers. I am helping them by providing both development as well as helping in discussions regarding open-source project organization, such as regarding code workflow, soliciting contributions, and other logistic concerns.

I'm also fascinated by the potential of Git and GitHub as collaborative tools, not just for code, but for document editing and task coordination as well. The issue system and the ability to work in parallel and easily merge changes later holds a lot of potential, and lumping it in with other "code tools" ignores other uses for its features. It's certainly optimized for code, but the idioms and design choices work almost or just as well for documents and writing.

My programming tools of choice are generally Node.js, HTML 5/CSS 3/Javascript, Android, and Scala, though I'm always open to using other languages and frameworks if they're more appropriate for the job. I have also been diving deep into the capabilities of vim, a command-line text editor that uses keyboard shortcuts and lots of customizability to aid in efficient text and code editing. While I am largely operating-system agnostic, Linux Mint is my personal OS and distribution of choice.

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