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Gregory Palermo is a PhD Student in English at Northeastern University pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities. Holding a BA from SUNY Geneseo in English and Physics, he approaches rhetorical systems with the computational skills from his background in the physical sciences. He has served as a Graduate Fellow of the NULab for Maps, Texts, and Networks and is a Graduate Assistant to the Digital Scholarship Group at Northeastern University Libraries. In his position at the DSG, Greg holds workshops on the its CERES: Exhibit Toolkit, a WordPress theme for creating exhibit pages from curated repository items, and helps to support faculty and students in their digital work. Most recently, he is the Project Manager of Professor Kathleen Kelly's Thoreau Journal Drawings Project and a Research and Teaching Assistant to Professor Moya Bailey in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. His current academic interests include include Text Analysis, Data Modeling, Citation Analysis, Writing for the Sciences, and Masculinities. 

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