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Digital Services Librarian at the CUNY Graduate Center with strong interests in knowledge organization and pyschogeography.  Stephen spends much of his work-life behind the scenes insuring that the pulse of the GC’s library systems continue to work seamlessly for library users. He also spends time ‘freaking-out’ about the crisis of how our cultural heritage is quickly disappearing, because of the acceleration of modern ephemera with the advent of the web  as one of the central forums for popular conversation and academic scholarship.

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NYCDH Week 2018

February 5 2018 to February 9 2018
NYCDH Week is less than a month away! The 3rd Annual NYCDH Week is coming to an institution near you from February 5-9, 2018. Filled with talks, roundtables, networking, and probably the most impressive array of FREE workshops known to DH-kind, NYCDH Week gives individuals across the region an...
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