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Gloria Boone is a Professor of Communication at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. I teach classes in Advertising, New Media, Information Architecture, Web Design, Women's Communication and Protest and Reform Rhetoric.

My current research is on a book focused on current and future developments in new media and social media for different demographic groups. I enjoy examining the latest developments in technology and how people respond and manipulate technology for their own needs and desires.

Some of my publications on technology include:

Spanish Content on Hospital Websites: An Analysis of U.S. Hospitals’ in Concentrated Latino Communities. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (July, 2010).

2009, April. New Media Strategies for Non-Profits. Cape Cod.

2009, "The Internet and Political Engagement"

Gallant, L.M., Irizarry, C., & Boone, G.M. (2008). Exploring the Technology Adoption Needs of Patients in E-Health. In Patient-Centered E-Health, Wilson, E. V. (Ed.)(pp.201-216)

Boone, G. & Secci, J. & Gallant, L. (2007, May). Emerging Trends in Online Advertising. Revista DOXA Comunicacion: Revista Interdisciplinar de estudios de Comunicacion y Ciencias Sociales, V, 241-253.

Gallant, L. M. & Boone, G. M. & Heap, A. (2007, March). Five heuristics for designing and evaluating Web based communities.
First Monday,12 (3)

Boone, G. (2004). How the Rhetorical Tradition Informs Web Design, Information Architecture and Usability. International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 2, Issue 3. Article: Electronic PDF . Article: Print (Spiral Bound).

Gallant, L., Boone, G. and Almquist, G. (June, 2003). Wireless Organizational Communication: A Framework for Communicative Informatics. Proceeding of the Informing Science + IT Education Conference. pp.1299-1310.

I have written books on Rhetorical Communication and Business Communication.

As a classically trained rhetorician and as a New Media expert, I believe the arts and the humanities inform developments in web design, technology and communication.

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