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My name is Gimena del Rio. I am a researcher at the Seminario de Edicion y Crítica Textual (SECRIT-CONICET),, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My main interests deal with the scholarly edition and study of Spanish and Galician-Portuguese Medieval lyrical poetry and the development of digital tools for scholars. I believe in crowdsourcing and collaborative projects that go far beyond the boundaries of a country, so I collaborate with Spanish digital projects such as MedDB: Base de datos da Lírica Profana Galego-Portuguesa,, and Bibliografía de Escritoras Españolas. BIESES, I am part of the digital project Repertorio Digital de la Métrica Medieval Castellana (ReMetCa),, and I am part of the Hypothéses comitee, I have also organized the first THATCamp in Buenos Aires,, altogether with Barbara Bordalejo, and I am now working in a Digital Humanities Association in my country,, in which I mean to reflect on the geopolitics and the definition of the Digital Humanities.

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Digital Humanities: Local Constructions in Global Contexts

Digital Humanities: Local Constructions in Global Contexts

November 7 2016 to November 9 2016
Call for Papers
The Argentine Association of Digital Humanities/Asociación Argentina de Humanidades Digitales (AAHD) invites you to participate in its International Conference, Digital Humanities: Local Constructions in Global Contexts, which will be celebrated on November 7-9, 2016 at the General San Martín...
Buenos Aires Ciudad de Buenos Aires
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