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• I am a first-year masters student at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas. I will be participating in the project `Coming to the Heartland’, collecting and digitalizing migration stories of people who have come to the heartland region in Kansas.
• I hold a Magistra Artium in English philology and Romance Studies (2001, Free University of Berlin)
• I also hold a PhD in linguistics (2007, La Trobe University). For my thesis I produced a grammar of the Araona language, an Amazonian language spoken in Northwest Bolivia.

Work and research experience

As a trained linguist I specialize in language documentation, language description and linguistic typology.
• I have participated in typological projects investigating reflexivity and reciprocity cross-linguistically.
• As part of a DoBeS language project led by Prof. Bernard Comrie I have documented the Bena Bena language, a Papuan language spoken in the Eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea.
• I taught linguistics in the English department of the Free University in Berlin (2006-2013)
Since 2016, I have been learning Kaqchikel and have familiarized myself with Mayan languages and culture

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