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Gary Leatherman has been developing science broadcast television, multimedia and web-based media for over 18 years. A former television producer with the Emmy award-winning PBS science series "Newton's Apple", Gary was the Supervising Producer and Creative Director for “DragonflyTV - GPS” – PBS’s groundbreaking middle-school science television series. Gary's creative work and his excellent staff on "DragonflyTV - GPS" were honored with two 2008 Emmy Awards in both Cinematography and Editing. Gary has also been an independent producer and project lead on numerous video and multimedia productions, producing successful projects for clients such as United Airlines, The Learning Company, Science Museum of Minnesota, 3M, Target, Honeywell, and the Mayo Clinic. Gary’s most recent work includes the development of a national television series based on O’Reilly Publication's popular new magazine “MAKE: Technology on Your Time”, developing an online Climate Change education initiative, and launching a new production company "Rocket Science Electronic Productions".

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