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Florian Wiencek (*1984; B.Sc. in Digital Media – 2006; M.A. in Mediation of Art and Culture – 2009; University of Bremen) is currently research associate in the BMBF-funded project „Visual–Film–Discourse“ and PhD fellow at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, and Steering Committee Member of the Research Center “Visual Communication and Expertise”, after working as freelance graphic designer. His main research interests are digital archives, (mediation of) media art and visual communication. He is currently working on the analysis of functions and structures of media art archives and their impact on meaning making and the mediation of media art, the use of experimental interfaces for the digital mediation of media art as well as the intersections of art and science. He has written on the documentation of interactive art, digital archives as mediation-medium for media art and online art mediation.

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