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Emma Leigh
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Emma is a Doctoral Student in Performance Studies at the University of California, Davis and is the Documentation Editor for Analog Game Studies (analoggamestudies.org). Her art and research focus on performances of intimacy, the affective power of performance, the intersection of sex/gender and performance/play, and in confronting the places where the boundaries of performance begin to dissolve. Emma's work questions identity, sexuality, immersivity, and embodied knowledge, and she is especially interested in the ways in which these issues are challenged and played with through larp (live-action role-playing).

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CFP: Extending Play: The Sequel, Rutgers Media Studies Conference (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DEC. 12)

December 12 2014
Call for Papers
Are we the species that plays—or are we better understood as the species that repeats ? Walter Benjamin suggests that, “For a child repetition is the soul of play.” Is play always at its core a form of re- play, an iteration of an earlier moment that resists a complete recurrence, yet is found in a...
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