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Ethan is working toward his PhD in Film and Media Studies at UCSB. His scholarship primarily focuses on Hollywood's relationship to the digitally empowered public. He is particularly interested in the ways that niche communities interact, interpret and re-imagine mass media texts. His dissertation entitled, Workspace Media: New Media Technology and the Monetizing Efforts of the Entertainment Industry, examines the production, distribution and reception practices relates to online entertainment content.

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Ethan grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. He attended the University of Arizona as an undergraduate and received his BA in Media Arts in 2005. He then moved to Los Angeles and earned his Master's Degree from UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television. For the past two years Ethan has been working toward his PhD from UCSB's Department of Film and Media. Ethan has presented papers at multiple conferences including SCMS, Consoling Passions, New Directions in Critical Theory and the Film and History Conference. At these conferences, Ethan has addressed a variety of topics including the changing aesthetic of the sit-com television genre and the impact of humorous viral videos on the 2008 presidential race. While taking classes, Ethan has worked for a variety of Sports Video Departments, including ESPN and UCLA Athletics. He has also served as a Teaching Assistant for the Film and Media Departments of UCLA and UCSB and Writing Program at UCSB. In his teaching Ethan strives to create new media applications for his students. He has produced podcasts and blogs for these classes with varying degrees of success. Ethan is currently teaching a class on Viral Video for UCSB's Film and Media Department. He is also the Graduate Student Researcher for UCSB's Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media.

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