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I am a PhD Candidate and the University of Waterloo studying gender and sexuality in comics video games and pornography. I've published on sexuality in the Walking Dead Comics, the fetish art of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster and reading and defending the Fifty Shades of Grey series as pornography. I am one of the co founders of the Games Institute Janes (GI Janes) here at UWaterloo and am the commentaries editor at the academic video games publication www.firstpersonscholar.com .

My dissertation project troubles the gender division in practices of pornography consumption by examining and comparing pornography across mediums. Specifically I am looking to challenge the assumption that men are more visual than women based on their preference for film instead of textual pornography by examining pornography within the comics medium and comparing the practices of comics pornographers and consumers to those within fan fiction and film porn. I believe that by examining pornography on a medium specific level with a feminist perspective we can come to more productive conclusions about the genre.