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I am currently studying Arts Management at the University of Oregon in order to deepen my understanding of how non-profit arts and cultural institutions serve communities. In all of my endeavors, I want the audiences that share in the work of non-profits to understand the intrinsic role that the arts and culture play in the civic welfare of a community and the individual. What specifically drives my participation in a culturally diverse community is that need to interconnect with human beings. For me, it is imperative to thin the line that makes us feel separated; I strongly believe that the arts and culture embody the potential of all citizens to realize our creative goals, hopes, dreams, and imaginations in unique and challenging ways. Moreover, building a creative community through online networks has allowed me to delve deeper into my artistic and cultural experiences. With a deep-rooted passion for combing the written word with mixed media, I have always recorded moments and musings by hand, which I have then transformed into blog postings. Thus, I am most interested in the intersections of traditional media forms and new technologies; not replacing traditional media, but further enhancing it by sparking interactivity through dialogue, sharing ideas, and collaborating within various web related opportunities. Specifically in my research at the University of Oregon, I seek to investigate if journaling can connect a community though visual communication that will be further documented and shared on a digital platform.

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