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I am a second year Masters candidate in the Public Humanities program at Brown University. My focus is in the arts sector, but I am an advocate of interdisciplinary studies and practices. Along with my studies I am the Associate Curator of Brown University's Granoff Creative Arts Center; Gallery Coordinator for the John Nicholas Brown Center Galleries; and Public Art Intern for the New England Foundation for the Arts.

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I am driven to make the arts more accessible and engaging to the public, and want to create more opportunities and resources for artists. My past experience and academic studies have landed me in many different areas of the cultural world--public art, gallery curation, museum collections and education, creative arts centers at institutions of higher education, creative economy initiatives and creation of my own artwork. I am interested in the ever-developing ways that technology can be used to create and strengthen communities, inspire creativity, promote interactivity and participation, and present new and interesting ways of making and disseminating art work.

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New Experiments in the Digital Geohumanities presented by Sarah Luria at Brown University

November 4 2011
If anyone is in the Providence, RI area on Friday, November 4th, please feel free to check out an engaging presentation on Digital Geohumanities at Brown University. Sarah Luria from Holy Cross presents, "Land Lines: Where Property Meets Poetry, New Experiments in the Digital Geohumanities." Luria...
68 Waterman Street
Providence, RI 02906
United States
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