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Elmira Bagherzadeh is a Iranian visual artist currently living in Dallas, Texas. She is focused on visual storytelling through animation and illustration. She received her Master of Arts in animation at Tehran University of Art after deciding to change her major from biomedical engineering. During her master’s degree, her focus was more on using fantasy, action, and thriller motifs in her animations as these genres were neglected due to animation production protocols in Iran. Her first short animated film Roohangiz, that is related to Iranian history and culture was screened in multiple international festivals. Roohangiz received the best-animated film award from Genre Blast Film Festival 2017, Fear No filmmaker and the 55th youth cinema regional film festival.

After graduating, she focused on producing paintings with personal themes and explored her interest in visual storytelling by doing visual development for projects related to Iranian history and changes in culture, and identity. In 2019, she moved to the United States to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Texas at Dallas in the school of Art, Technology, and Emerging Communication. Elmira’s works during this period investigate psychological themes such as subconscious, psychology, and anxiety. Her techniques include digital paintings which she combines with traditional hand-drawn techniques. Elmira is currently exploring animation using invisible ink and blacklight to make physical animations.

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