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EddieJoe is a fiction writer from Southern California whose research interests include 20th c world literature written or translated into English, media theory, and food studies.

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EddieJoe I. Cherbony is a graduate student in Creative Writing at the University of Notre Dame. His fiction has appeared in the Northridge Review, has been presented at academic conferences throughout the United States and at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, and was featured at Speak Out! 2010, a festival dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence.

He is currently at work on a website for his cellular automata-themed digital narrative, “The Problem with Bouncing Balls and the Platform of Life.” He is also writing a novel (his MFA thesis) that explores issues of spousal abuse, sexualized youth, and the limits of written narrative. Lastly, he is developing a television series inspired by the concepts of reflexivity, artificial life, and virtuality.

EddieJoe has worked as the Assistant Editor for Pasadena magazine where he wrote articles on the culinary arts, architecture, and arts and entertainment. Other media-related experience includes a position as Second Assistant Director on the feature-length independent film, Excuse Me! and a position as the Head Page for The Price is Right at CBS Television City in Hollywood.

After earning his MFA at Notre Dame, EddieJoe plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Literature and Media Theory in Southern California, focusing his research on posthumanism and food studies.

He graduated with an MA in English and a BA in Radio, Television, and Film, both from California State University, Northridge.

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