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I’m a doctoral candidate in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies program at Arizona State University. My work focuses on understanding and supporting adolescent literacy development in a digital age. In a previous life, I was a high school English teacher, K-12 Reading Specialist, and developmental reading instructor.

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Hey there! I'm Earl Aguilera, a Ph. D. candidate in the Learning, Literacies, and Technology program at Arizona State University.

In my research, I focus on understanding the role that literacy plays for students learning in digital-age environments. In my teaching, I work to support teachers across all content areas focusing on adolescent literacy development.

As a graduate research assistant in the Center for Games and Impact, I also work to develop innovations that teachers, librarians, parents, and researchers can use to better support students in their digital-age literacy development. I’ve worked with out team on projects related to digital literacies, game-based learning, and teacher education.

In the past, I’ve worked as a high school English teacher, K-12 Literacy Specialist, and developmental literacy instructor. I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate courses on secondary English teaching methods, reading in multimedia, and literacy in the secondary school.

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