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While pursuing graduate studies in Interactive Media at Elon University, I am no stranger to the rapid changes in the realm of digital technology. Since undergrad, I have held interactive media positions at the Greensboro News & Record and at Nortel, a global networking and communications company. An experienced freelance video producer with a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, I have combined my passions for video and social media, exploring innovative ways to reach new audiences.

As part of a promotional campaign for Ford, I was recently chosen from over 4500 applicants as one of one-hundred “Fiesta Agents.” Tasked with vlogging, blogging, micro-blogging and completing monthly video missions focused on Ford’s upcoming release of the Ford Fiesta in the states, I was given a European prototype of the car to drive for six months. Since, I has been lighting up the web and social networking sites with my unique experiences. The themed monthly missions of travel, technology, and social-activism have allowed me to use my passion for social media in a progressive new way, placing me on the forefront of a forward-thinking movement - utilizing technology and the art of video production for the overall betterment of society.

My aspirations in the field of Interactive Media are two-fold. First, to strengthen my skill in all aspects of digital creative design and media creation, and second, to apply these skills in a way that will positively affect how we think of interactive communication.

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