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I have been Director of Library Services at Belmont Abbey College (near Charlotte NC) for 14 years; previously Head of the Information Commons at UNC-Charlotte, and before that spent 15 years in public library management, including Head of the Main Library in Charleston SC. I have won numerous grants for digital media projects, published three books, and many articles.

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In 1999, while developing the Information Commons at UNC-Charlotte, I wrote the article "Conceptualizing an Information Commons," which Paul Conway, formerly with Duke University's library, described as "the seminal article that defined the core requirements of an Information Commons." I've received numerous grants for digital humanities and media projects, including an Apple Library of Tomorrow Grant (for what was then called the Charleston Multimedia Project), another grant jointly funded by the Benton Foundation & the NEA to do WWW documentation of public visual art at Spoleto Festival USA, and most recently, a $95,500 LSTA grant to develop a new type of Learning Commons at Belmont Abbey College. My 2006 book, The Information Commons Handbook, has been (& is being) used as a planning tool on many campuses in the U.S. and abroad, with two recent examples being UNC-Wilmington and the new Rolex Learning Center at Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne. .

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