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Dieyun Song is a PhD Candidate researches at the intersections of U.S.-Latin American relations and development during the Cold War at the University of Miami (UM). She is interested in the unique space occupied by philanthropies and NGOs in diplomacy and modernization. Her dissertation is tentatively titled The Power of Philanthropy: Development, Empire, and Non-State Actors in Cold War Colombia, 1961-1973. It highlights the Colombian engagements and influence in foreign foundations’ and governments’ interventions in education, mass media, and public health that redirected the trajectories of social and political development.
Dieyun is interested in employing interdisciplinary approaches in her research, including oral history, sound studies, and digital humanities. She is a co-convener of the Humanities Fieldwork Interdisciplinary Research Group at UM and a Research Fellow of Digital Narratives of Covid-19 https://covid.dh.miami.edu/. She previously served as a Research Assistant of WhatEvery1Says https://we1s.ucsb.edu/, a Mellon-funded multi-institutional project uses digital humanities methods to study public discourse about the humanities at large data scales, fro, 2019 to 2020. Her research has been supported by the Rockefeller Archive Center, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation, the Tinker Foundation, Digital Humanities Summer Institute, Institute for Advanced study of the Americas, among others. Dieyun can be reached at dxs1138@miami.edu.

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