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I completed my BA and MA (with a concentration in Cultural, Social and Political Thought) at the University of Victoria, and am currently working on a PhD in English (focused on cultural studies and critical theory) at the University of Alberta. My dissertation examines aesthetic, economic and political representations of global slums, in order to develop a theory of feral spaces capable of encompassing both their destructive, negative aspects as well as their potential for generating new and sustainable modes of dwelling, outside of the framewark of capitalist accumulation.

I have a secondary field of research and instruction in discourse and rhetoric and their role in discipline-specific pedagogy. Working with UAlberta's Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative, I offer one-off seminars designed to introduce students to the genres, tropes and rhetorical moves commonly found in their disciplines. As well, I provide group writing tutorials geared to specific assignments in various courses of all levels: in previous iterations of this I have worked with undergraduates in Nursing, Mechanical Engineering, Community Service Learning, Pharmacy, Religious Studies, Political Science and Sociology, as well as graduate students in Public Health Science, English, Chemistry, Physical Education and Recreation and Leisure Studies.

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