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I am a fourth year PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo studying Rhetoric in the Department of English Language and Literature. I am also a Research Assistant on PI Mehlenbacher's Networked Expertise project, and the Graduate Career Communications & Project Manager at the University of Waterloo's Centre for Career Action.

The focus of my research is the online social voting community Reddit, and the discussions that take place on this platform. I examine how this public forum can influence users ideologies, and promote rhetorical citizenship via public deliberation and civic engagement. As a rhetorical scholar with expertise in science communication, I specifically look at Reddit artifacts concerning science; discussions surrounding vaccine policy, the March for Science, and r/science AMAs are the focus of my current projects. The overarching goal of my work is to find ways to leverage democratically-oriented online communities like Reddit, to the benefit of a more inclusive democracy in Canada where citizens can participate meaningfully in political life, especially as it relates to things like science policy.

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