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Deanna Christy is a senior at Michigan State University studying Advertising, French, and Music. With Dr. Safoi Babana-Hampton, Deanna has applied her French studies to a variety of disciplines. Last spring, she developed subtitles for a French documentary produced by the award-winning French journalist Cyril Payen. The documentary examined the plight of the Hmong people in what was once French Indochina. The project is ongoing, with another documentary in production also devoted to preserving the Hmong cultural memory. In addition to the subtitling aspect, Deanna will also be involved in digitizing the extra film footage and interviews to create educational digital content that could be used by teachers, scholars, and the community at large.
She is also involved with research in the Department of Theatre at Michigan State. Her research, which has resulted in a project called Theatre Engine, examines the intersection of live theatre, technology, and digital media. Under the direction of Professor Alison Dobbins, Deanna and other performing arts professionals are seeking to bridge the divide between passive audience and active performer to engage the audience in a more interactive and holistic way – the end result being an audience that can interact fully with an artistic environment.

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