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I am a author, educator, filmmaker, and historian based in Orlando, Florida. My research interests are in Silent Era Cinema, Holocaust Memory, and Digital Storytelling. I hold a Ph.D. in Texts and Technology at the University of Central Florida, where I teach introductory level history courses.

I am a recipient of the 2016-17 Fulbright scholarship, where I conducted research on the activities of American distributors in Belgium during the interwar period as a visiting scholar at the Centre for Cinema and Media Studies (CIMS) at Ghent University. I also serve as the head archivist and curator for the UCF Home Movie Archive and the online exhibit Roadside Memories: A Digital Tour of Florida Roadside Attractions, 1945-1975. As well as the co-organizer and the program director for the Flickering Landscapes Conference Series (with Bruce Janz, Phillip Peters, and Barry Mauer), an initiative that seeks to explore place, space, and identity by examining regional film cultures and histories.

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Audience Lost: Minority Women and Spectatorship

Audience Lost: Minority Women and Spectatorship

November 21 2019 to November 22 2019
Call for Papers
AUDIENCE LOST: MINORITY WOMEN AND SPECTATORSHIP 22-23 November 2019, Ghent University, Belgium Website: https://audiencelost.wordpress.com/blog/ KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Prof. Judith Thissen (Utrecht University) Prof. Allyson Nadia Field (University of Chicago) In 2002, Annette Kuhn reflected, in Dreaming...
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