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I am the Digital Scholarship Associate for the University of Florida's Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Library West, where I work to ensure coordinated and consistent activities for instruction and outreach, especially regarding digital humanities and digital scholarship, through the Scott Nygren Scholars Studio.

Nygren Studio http://cms.uflib.ufl.edu/librarywest/studio
UF Library West https://twitter.com/uflibrarywest

Previously, I worked as a Senior Research Staff member at UF's Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, coordinating resource discovery, student engagement, and archival accessibility through a variety of communications and outreach initiatives. I worked to open up the archive of 6,500+ interviews for a global audience, and facilitated opportunities for students to make their own contributions. I also organized legacy collection research and supported multiple fieldwork initiatives across the Southeast. My interest in oral history stems from an appreciation of the field's inclusive structure and reciprocal design for community work, where public education is a shared goal.

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